Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Bonjour Ladies, I am delightful to inform you girls about the amazing vitamin I've been taking for quite a long time now. The creators are Futurebiotics, and the name of the vitamin is Hair,Skin & Nails. This pill has work wonders on myself, and it still works. I bought this at GNC about 6 months ago. I personally haven't had good luck with everyday vitamins due to the fact, that i would gain weight with some of them. One good example of this would be Centrum, I took it a while back and it made me gain a few pounds. However, with this new vitamin my skin glows and my nails and hair are so much healthier than before. Nevertheless, this vitamin sells for around $14-$15 U.S currency. However, always be careful and make sure this vitamin is good for yourself.

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  1. I havt to take it for sure!!I'm feeling tired lately!!!Thanks for sharring!!