Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to deal with a breakup "/ 10 personal points!

HOLA girls!
So we officially started autumn here in Miami! However, we do not experience the beautiful colors change in the leaves or feel the little breeze here and there, if someone were to go to the beach we're still tanning by Ocean Drive :).. Anyways main reason for this post is to talk about RELATIONSHIPS and how to deal with a breakup.

When we're in our teens years we meet that ONE guy that we "think" we have fallen in love with and they become our everything! However same story "boy cheats on girl, girl forgives him... after a few years, he ends the relationship and she is 20 and single". (my story made simple hehe). Now I am 21 and while being single after year and a half, I meet this great amazing man that makes me realize how that "first" love does not compare to how strong feelings can be once you're strong enough to realize responsibilities and such things. Now this guy and I have been dating for 8 months and we've been talking for about a year. I can deeply for the bottom of my heart say that this guy has become everything in my life and my love for him goes beyond any feeling that I might have felt in the past. However, we cannot be together for reasons that to this day I still find ridiculous, but still the relationship has not worked. 

So, here is my take on how to move on from a deep love that you still feel towards that special dude:

1. Find a purpose in life (career, school, job, be happy)

2. Spend time away from LOVE songs!

3. Do things you enjoy for yourself! Not things you used to do together with him!

4. Indulge yourself! ex: A makeover, join a fitness center, cut your hair.

5. Try not to call him, or see HIM! Even if you feel like saying hi! (Men tend to fight for things they cannot get at the moment, so try to make yourself less available for him)

6. If you both go to the same school, college, work... Try not to show how much hurt you're going through.  NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS!

7. Set high standards for yourself! Ex: If you realize that guy had some things you weren't happy with, try to remember them so next time you meet someone you'll know exactly if he is the right guy for you at the moment.

8. CRY! Crying is our way of releasing all the hurt and stress we have, after crying we feel a sense of peace! NOW! Please try to cry at a moment where no one knows. Many individuals tend to celebrate others pain.


10. Even though we do not believe so, our mind is stronger than any feelings we have. Every emotion we experience is released by hormones from our brain through the body system it will go to. Set your mind to a state where you know that this decision of breaking is for the best and that better things are to come!

I really hope that after this, I helped you girls even a little bit. By writing to you guys I realized how amazing this life is, and that each minute lost is a minute we lose of happiness!