Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hi everyone :) I've been lost for so long! It's been crazy, with school and finals. Nevertheless, It's summer here in Miami and the beach its looking quite amazing lately. I have very light blonde hair, i do not bleach it but it has become very light with the sun. I wanted to talk to you girlies about how I take care of my hair when i get out of the beach. First, I always use a sunblocker spray designed specially for blonde hair. However, I believe there are as well for brunettes and redheads :) Secondly i apply a conditioning milk cream on my hair right after i bathe at the salt water and brush my hair with a wide tooth comb (highly reccommended).... This has helped tremendously in the care of my hair during summer time :) Hope you girlies have an amazing day! See ya' tomorrow ;)